“Duarte’s ability to write music that is at once melodic and accessible but highly challenging and unexpected where the improvised elements hold primacy, is the key to the inevitable success of this music.” 

Alya Al-Sultani, London Jazz News.

“It was a performance that grabbed attention throughout its seven movements; the band in complete control of its material but knowing when best to cut themselves loose.  Overground Collective were riotously fun, their music full of invention and twisting realignments.”

Michael HollandEars For Eyes

The suite – built around the seven deadly sins – was taut, well arranged and strongly played, especially for a nonet of young musicians“.

Kurt Gottschalkin, All about Jazz

Better was the alluring Ensemble Raum, a Portuguese nonet led by the composer and guitarist Paulo D. Duarte, which performed his suite seven deadly sins with verve and elán

Larry Appelbaum, Jazz Times Magazine